Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The stunning Islington Escort named Veronica

I always wanted to try the services of an escort agency. This desire of mine came from the need to have fun with a girl that would complete my fantasies, I wanted to have an a level experience and to receive a tantric massage while role playing a girlfriend experience with one of the most beautiful and open minded escorts in London.

Trying to find an agency that would provide me with this kind of experience I found Nyx Escorts. They were advertised as one of the most discreet and professional escort agency in London and in Islington, that is what made me want to work with them, because of the fact that I am a shy guy and I want to have the best kind of experience with the woman I am with. I loved the fact that I could book a meeting with one of their escorts over the internet and I choose Veronica, a stunningly seductive blonde beauty from them. She had the services I wanted and she seemed really cool and friendly. I was not wrong, Veronica was the definition of beauty, her eyes sparkled when she talked and she was so good at role play that I could feel some butterflies in my belly when she was giving me the most real girlfriend experience I’ve ever had. This beautiful blonde escort was so great at what she did that most of the time I was amazed by her skills in the art of pleasuring a man such as me. 

The tantric massage she gave me was out of this world, she knew exactly where to touch me and where to kiss me that I would lose my mind. Her soft hands made my senses overload every time and made me feel like I was having the best Islington Escort in my bed. Veronica was very caring and understood from the start that I am not experience, but this is where her friendly, polite and adventurous personality came into play. She knew exactly what to do and when to do it that I would feel great no matter what.

I loved Veronica because of her eagerness to satisfy and to have fun, she had a really great personality and a really beautiful smile. She was amazing, and Nyx Escorts were too, they proved that they truly are the best escort service provider in London. I would work with them again, and with Veronica of course.

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