Monday, 8 September 2008

Post Office hell

A funny thought ocurred to me as I queued out the door and down the street at one of my now not-so-local post offices, in Hampstead. I thought that maybe, just maybe, closing down local post offices wasn't actually such a good idea?

15 minutes later as I spy the front of the queue a mere 4 people ahead of me I have lost the will to live. When I eventually get to the front, I am grumpy with the poor unfortunate that has to serve me and came out thinking how awful the whole process was and cursing this government.

The Royal Mail may have saved themselves a bit of cash but they have lost whatever goodwill people still felt towards them. Next the posties will be going on strike again. Surely some enterprising private company can come up with an alternative business model that can fill the yawning service gap left by our public postal service?

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Jonnie J said...

I agree whole-heartedly.

The Post Office could learn alot from P&O. Yesterday, despite the fire in the Channel Tunnel, there were only 8 cars in the queue to board a ferry at Calais!